A workshop on air quality in Cyprus and Europe

CARDET successfully organized in Nicosia on February 28th – March 1st 2019 the thematic workshop ‘Air Quality in Balkan-Med: Challenges and Solutions’ as part of the AIRTHINGS Interreg Balkan-Med project. The event sought to raise the public’s and stakeholders’ awareness about air quality and encourage relevant bodies and authorities into action to address the issue. The workshop, attended by more than 40 stakeholders - including representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, of the Public Works Department and political parties - delved into the present circumstances in regards to air quality in Cyprus and Europe. Moreover, it provided an overview of existing policies and strategies on the field, while all AIRTHINGS partners presented the situation in their countries, along with the actions they have carried out at a local level through the workings of the project. Special emphasis was given to the dust episodes that have affected Cyprus in the past decade and in presenting specific means and prevention actions for monitoring and minimizing the phenomenon of air pollution.

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