Air It Nicosia Marathon

CARDET organized the Air It Nicosia Marathon on the 21st of June as part of Cyprus’ most popular running event ‘Running under the Moon’ within the Interreg Balkan-Med funded Project AIRTHINGS. The event engaged more than 1000 runners including local running NGOs and cyclist clubs, and featured three distances, 5km, 10km and half-marathon. The race was held during the evening under good summer weather conditions and air quality, in the city of Nicosia, in an area usually with intense traffic and high pollutant emissions. The event sought to raise awareness on air pollution and to engage people in actions to mitigate the problem and was supported by many volunteers.

Registrations were open a month ahead allowing runners to participate either individually or as part of the corporate race, while there was an ongoing dissemination campaign encouraging people to join. The terrace of the Mall of Cyprus was selected as the starting and finishing point of the race, thus enabling visitors to step by CARDET’s booth and get informed on the Project and the objective of the race. CARDET’s team generated several conversations with passengers and participants on air pollution, the impact in our daily life, and the effort that is being done to reduce the problem and raise awareness. All runners received a giveaway bag, which included the Project’s flyer along with a branded T-shirt and a breathing mask.

The route was hiding many surprises for the runners, while they headed towards the “Clean Air zone”, a part of Athalassa’s forest park, which was marked with a giant inflatable arch carrying the message “Beat Air pollution”. Along the route, big foam boards carried statistics and strong messages against air pollution, in an effort to employ several motivational means to raise awareness in using alternative resources and obtaining a sustainable living.

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