The overall objective of the project is to foster sustainable development and mitigate climate change in the region, through joint cooperation measures and transfer of experience between the six project partners from five Balkan Med countries which in terms is in direct correlation with programmes overall objective. The main objective of the project is to provide national and regional authorities an appropriate measures to reduce PM and NO2 concentrations in air. Several cities in the programme area are not capable of meeting the implemented EU standards for particulate matter and NO2. While European Union imposes strict limit values for PM and NO2 in air, through its Directive 2008/50/EC, reduction in emissions will become costly and future management of emissions will require the implementation of innovative and effective mitigation measures based on technology transfer. The first objective of the project is to maintain effective air monitoring IoT networks and provide real-time, inexpensive access to air quality data. The second objective of the project is to demonstrate pilot source apportionment methods enabling on-time air pollution mitigation strategies. The third objective expected to be achieved is reduction of pollutant emissions in order to approach attainment of respective national ambient air quality standards. The project aims to propose and demonstrate to regional and national policy makers innovative and cost effective measures that ensure better air quality in urban areas. One of the core tasks of the project is to endorse public awareness, so that policies will be easily adopted by citizens and businesses. Air pollution is a major environmental problem, by addressing it with common, multi-stakeholder and technology driven measures the project will effectively contribute to achievement of programmes specific objective for sustainable territories through transnational cooperation for resource efficiency and climate change mitigation.